Zone Controller - Preamp

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Meet Exile Zoned Line Driver - ZLD for short. It may look simple, and we designed it that way, but under its unassuming looks is a circuit design that boasts the highest sound quality. 99% of preamp eq's on the market are what we call "A box of jelly beans".  Jellybean adj. /jel-ee-been/ 1. Of electronic parts: cheap, generic, available from multiple manufacturers. Buy 'em by the bag and use 'em by the handful. Pejorative. 

The ZLD boasts high end sound quality Burr Brown complimentary operational amplifiers which are widely recognized as the industry leader in superior sound quality and performance. We spared no expense in packing the Exile ZLD full of features that give you complete control and backed it up with superb sound quality!


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Highlights:  Full featured zone controller - Line driver  - Built in equalizatio - Independant multi function fade / zone control - Auxilary input jack for portable music connecitons - Oversized master volume control - Subwoofer frequency adjustment.